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Bringing Clean Energy to the Golden State

As the highest solar power generating state in the nation, California is ahead of its time when it comes to harnessing the power of the sun to save money on electricity bills. Thanks to the plentiful sunshine throughout the year and attractive solar incentives, homeowners save thousands of dollars every year when they go solar.

If you’re ready to start saving money on your home or business, our dedicated team is here to provide innovative solar energy solutions.

Benefits of Solar in California

  • No out-of-pocket Costs.
  • 20+ years financing term.
  • Generous tax incentives.
  • You can “rent” your system for a monthly fee with a 25-year system guarantee: if it breaks, we’ll fix it.
  • When you sell your home, you can assign the lease to the new homeowner.

California Solar Rebates And Incentives

California has plenty of sunshine available all year round, which makes for a great solar power climate. That’s the first of many great reasons to go solar in CA and the best rebates and incentives are another. Here’s why going solar in California is a smart financial investment:

Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

With the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), you can reduce the cost of your PV solar system by 26% if you purchase your solar system via cash or a solar loan.

Net Metering in California

One of the biggest reasons to go solar in California is its net metering program. Any homeowner with solar will get credits from their utility company at the retail rate for the excess energy their system produces. Here’s the top utility net metering programs in California:

Local Solar Rebates

There are various rebate programs available to Californians who go solar that range from $500 total to $0.95 per watt of installed capacity. For example, if you install a home in Rancho Mirage, the RMEA provides a $500 rebate to cover your permit fee after your permission to operate (PTO) has been approved.

Self-Generation Incentive Program

The California Public Utilities Commission’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) provides rebates for advanced energy storage systems installed on your utility meter and connected to solar. Eligibility and availability varies, rebate is not guaranteed.

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